Aegina Island Chronolapse


So, two years ago, after watching a video clip on the internet about the technique of timelapse photography, we decided to create a timelapse film of both the well-known places of our island and its hidden gems. From our first shots, we realized immediately that the movement of clouds in harmony with the landscape, the color palette in the sky at sunset, the weather conditions provided the opportunity for atmospheric images with more dramatic style, the impressive trajectory of the stars around the Polar Star provided us with some extremely impressive video and gave us strength and patience to complete our timelapse photography journey.

This film is our first creative effort and it is the result of our love for photography and for our island. It took 20.000 individual photographs from a total of 60.000, 24 months of hard work and countless hours of exploration, photography, post production and editing to complete this collective work

Currently, it has been submitted to 33 Greek and International Festivals and has already been chosen as a "winner" at Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards Film Festival (Timelapse Photographer - Award of Recognition) and as an "official selection" at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.

Aegina Chronolapse

                                                                                        HerakliosKoukoulis   Camera & Directing                                                                                   

                                                                                  Panagiotis Rodis         Photo Editing                                                                               

      Antonis Sklavenas      Video Montage

                                                                                            Music is from Audiomachine "Wars of Faith"                                                                                     

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