Agnes Andrei



As basic studies I am an engineer, with long management experience.

To free myself from daily routine and stress, about 10 years ago I started painting. First art course were made in a nice place where each session we learned to work with different medium: acrylic, watercolor, pastel, gouache, charcoal, ink, etc.  It was a nice way to discover what fits us better.

For a while I continued as a hobby working more in watercolor and discovering step by step the fascinating hazard game of pigment and water.

Not being fully satisfied and happy with result, in 2016 I started a more systematic approach, attending several workshops and courses with best Romanian watercolorist of the moment. Results did not delay to appear.

In the same period a joined the group of Urban Sketchers Bucharest/ Urban Sketchers Romania, a very dynamic, enthusiast and active group.

If in the beginning it was just a game, a way to spend quality time,  to enjoy and relax, in the last years it become an activity approached systematically , with  dedication , performance oriented. Watercolor is considered a difficult technique but also satisfactions are coming on level of efforts. Small miracles are happening if front of your eyes each time you put the pigments, for the later joy of the viewers.

Until now, my creations participated to 20 group exhibitions in Romania and abroad (Spain, Italy and Poland) and the first solo exhibition is under construction,   planned to be opened end of June, followed by other 2 until end of this year.

For me painting is a way to express emotions and create joy and happy moments for others.


  • Exhibitions
    • 2019 Red, soul red- Milu Café, solo exhibition, Bucharest
    • 2019- Garden Art Expo – Group exhibition, Events 2A&Paque Bistro, Bucharest
    • 2019- Multivers – Group exhibition, OmAnima&World Trade Center , Bucharest
    • 2019 Urbino in acuarello- International exhibition, Urbino , Italy
    • 2019 Permanent exhibition – Art Galleria Sigma, Hanul cu tei , Bucharest
    • 2019 Romania in acuarela – Group exhibition UAPR Resita, Galeria Agora, Resita
    • 2019 Romania in acuarela – Group exhibition, National Theatre, Bucharest
    • 2018 Step by step contest – IWS Polland - finalist
    • 2018- Crown plaza - , Group exhibition, Elite prof art, Bucharest
    • 2018 Centenar – 100 pictori romani, Virtual exhibition, Galeria de Arta Noua, Bucharest
    • 2018 – Hilton, Group exhibition, Elite prof art, Bucharest
    • 2018- Bucurestiul pe tapet - Group exhibition, Galeria Sigma, Hanul cu tei , Bucharest
    • 2018 - Atelier deschis , Group exhibition , My Studio, Galeria Atelier, Bucharest
    • 2018 – Acuarelistas Rumanos- Alorcon, Madrid, Spain
    • 2018 -Om Anima, Group exhibition, Elite prof art , Bucharest
    • 2018- Constraste- , Group exhibition, Elite prof art , Bucharest 
    • 2018 – Spring colors- Group exhibition, Elite prof art, Bucharest
    • 2018- Cetatea primaverii- Group exhibition, Galeria Labyrinth, Bucharest
    • 2018- Together- , Group exhibition Elite prof art, Bucharest
    • 2017- Povesti de sarbatoare - Group exhibition, Galeria Labyrinth, Bucharest
    • 2017- Trattoria Romana- Group exhibition, Bucharest
  • Member of
    • IWS Romania,
    • Urban sketchers Bucharest / Urban sketchers Romania
    • Watercolor sketchers Greece


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beach pastel

before storm pastel

Bucharest old town watercolor


lavender watercolor


old house watercolor

peonies watercolor

autumn watercolor

presend and future watercolor

proud watercolor



silence watercolor

still life with fruits watercolor

summer buqet watercolor

summer rain watercolor

summer watercolor


twins ink

winter watercolor

yellow roses watercolor



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