Kosovo Film Projects Support Albania and Macedonia

Three film projects from Kosovo are supported in Albania and Macedonia

The two winning film projects of this year's CCC long feature film competition, "I Love You More" written and directed by Erblin Nushi, and "Crocodile Skin" screenwritten and directed by Ilirjan Himaj, are also supported by National Cinematographic Center of Albania in the category of minor co-production.

The project for the long feature film "Era" written and directed by Parta Kelmendi is supported by the Film Agency of Northern Macedonia also in the framework of minor co-production.


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Three Kosovo Film Projects Support Albania and Macedonia

Two-year-old film projects winning the NCC's annual artistic feature film, "I love you more" with screenwritingErblinNushi, and "Crocodile Skin" with screenwritingIlirjanHimaj, and

Cross-productions of the long-running Kosovar art film "Era" with the screenplayPartKelmendi supported byAgencyMilitaryMovieMore in the category of minor production.

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