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It’s no secret that every artist wants to see his work displayed; either it is a living room wall, a restaurant, or, above all, a gallery...having your work displayed in front of an audience is, without any trace of a doubt, a great achievement.

 One of the biggest challenges for me, as an amateur, as i don’t have any professional art studies, is getting out there, reaching the wide public. I’d like people to see my work, to get as much feedback as possible, to feel that my ideas and vision are appreciated and to be able to make a much better commitment to me, as a growing artist, and to my audience. I’ve started painting nearly 2 years ago, with a passion for oil painting, either by brush or palette knife.

 It’s been a challenging period, but i’ve grown to know more and more of myself and i have a strong feeling that i’m starting to develop my own style.

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