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James Basdanis

"Diddycoy" new EP

A year after his debut album "Kaemos", composer and guitarist James Basdanis continues his productive musical journey with a new EP of three new compositions, titled "Diddycoy".

These instrumental songs that James Basdanis wrote during the post-release time of "Kaemos" and performed them Live with the Anatolian trio in several cities in Greece.

Three instrumental tracks (1. Diddycoy, 2. Unbalanced, 3. The Conium) with the special eastern guitar sound feature the special musical aesthetic of their creator. Each of the pieces is a story. A combination of emotion and technique in a blend of east and west. James's musical style 'plays' between rock, Jazz and Greek traditional music.

The tracks were recorded Live in Ioannina (Rana Studio) by Anatolian Trio, with James Basanis (guitar), Nick Tangas (Bass) and George Memos (Drums). Additional recording by Alex Dosis (Keys) at "The Conium" and by Sophia Kakkou (Percussion (recorded by Vangelis Karapetros in Pazl Studio, Athens)) at "Diddycoy".

James himself signs the orchestration of the songs.

Cover photo: Nikos Pantazaras

Production: JBMusic


  • "We are happy to introduce you to the rising music composer James Basdanis and his special (eastern) anatolian sound !"(Blaster Music Magazine)


  • "A highly sophisticated searing work "Diddycoy" shows off the impeccable skill of James Basdanis as a composer of repute. The compositions here display a tremendous range from near-silence to sudden thralls of distorted noise." (BeachSloth.com)


  • "This is Diddycoy, 3 songs that will give a pleasant feeling to your day, more if you like alternative sounds." (ZoneNights.com)


Listen on Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, BandCamp etc: https://linktr.ee/basdanis


Download Mp3, Covers and Press Release here:



EPK: https://spark.adobe.com/page/ykHL7WPPr8fwp/


Website: www.basdanis.eu

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