Travel in time - Humans

The photography exhibition "Travel in time - Humans" is about Romanian people who try to balance between east and west after the fall of communism. Romanian people want to preserve their history, culture, language and heritage without being altered by globalization but at the same time seek integration with the west.

Romanian's integration in the European Union and the strong bond of friendship between Romania and Greece motivated Yannis Bouloubasis to travel to Brasov and create this photography exhibition.


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About Yannis Bouloubasis

Yannis Bouloubasis was born in Athens, Greece in 1977.
He studied photography at the Organization of Vocational Education and Training of N. Smirni (Athens) with a specialization in architectural and archaeological photography. He also studied cinematography and street photography at the University of Athens.

He collaborated with the agencies: Stivos, Anagnostopouli, Botsi.
He worked for magazines: Geo, Geotropio, Paremvoli, Ihor, Propaganda, Runner and the newspaper Naftemporiki.

His work "Travel in time - Human" was hosted at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation and the En Plo bookstore.
His photographic work has been published abroad in Vice (agency in New York), Art World (italian magazine) and in Greece, in greek newspapers and magazines: Kathimerini, Naftemporiki, Ta Nea, To Vima, Iho Dimoprasion, Culture Now, El Culture, Click at Life, Photonet, Photographs, Fractal, Black Monday, Apodyoptes, New Post, Timelink, Post Larissa, I Focus.

On February 2014 his photograph won the first prize in the "Street View Spanish Photography".

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