Parissis Chatziadam

Art of Sculpture


My name is Parissis Chatziadam and I'm a wood sculptor! I started being involved in wood sculpture at the age of 21 when I attended some seminars in EOMMEX (a public organisation in Greece promoting and supporting greek arts and crafts). I had already graduated from Sivitanidios Technical School where I discovered that I was quite good at drawing and designing. This helped me with my wood sculpture and restoration courses at the workshops of EOMMEX. Plus, I was really lucky to have had great teachers there. Different kinds of chisels,gouges,mallets,sharpeners,colours and oils made from plants, varnishes, gold, copper... all used in traditional ways. Wood sculpture is an endeavor that needs calmness, patience and artistic feeling. After the seminars were completed, the school gave the opportunity to anyone who wanted to practise his skills, to get equipped with the necessary tools. I discovered a real treasure in the school's storage facilities: designs from Skyros,Lesvos, Asia Minor... places of Greece with their own unique style in wood carving. Also designs of Byzantine pottery, of silversmith's ware, of jewllery.All this gave me an inspiration and a great urge to carve them on wood. I got a workbench and all the tools I needed. One of my teachers gave me one of his designs ( two animals entangled into one) to carve. That's when I realised that I could not only imprint standard designs but also use my imagination to create anything I desired. Since then Ihave created my own designs and sculptures which I have offered as gifts to friends and family. Wood carving is not a job for me , it's my passion. A passion that will keep me company all my life!! You can see samples of my work on my Facebook page : Paris Woodcraft






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