Edmond Kojani


Edmond Kojani [1960] is a Vlora based painter and iinstruktor of visual arts.Sinse his graduation from the Arts  University of Tirana in 1985 he has been very activein the painting scene of Albania ,joining the artists’Union in 1986 and winning second place in the Young Talents Show of 1988.The following decades he has had profiling painting career in Albania and Greece.He has been for years member of Greek Artists Association[P.E.L.T.] and part of collective exhibitionat Melina Merkuri art center ,Mariusi,ATHENS.From2004 he has taught at the’ Naim FrasheriI’ Art School and has been a visiting professor at ‘Ismail Qemali’Edmond has participad in various University in Vlora between 2004 and 2006. Edmond has participadet in various internacional residencies and competicions winning second place at Peja Gallery collective exhibition in 2009.He is a member of the art collectivies’ Breza’t and ‘Pranvere Art’.Kojani has opened 16 personal exhibitions in Albania and one in Cultural Centre of Yannina/Greece.He is nominaded as Vlora Municipality protagonists the year 2015 and from  Laberia National Association as outstanding personality of the Laberia Province in 2020.








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