Balkans Beyond Borders

BBB (Balkans Beyond Borders) filled our summer nights in Athens with open air cinema, inspiration and Balkan atmosphere once again with a two day event: “Balkans in the XOYZ”- with image and sound we build bridges between us. The event took place on 4 and 5 July at the garden of XAOYZ, a new alternative bar in Athens. The garden was full both days and people enjoyed being part of what was happening as they had active role during the event. This event was a pre-festival event inspired by this year’s festival topic: “Reinventing Bridges”. We tried through the art in most of its forms to reinvent bridges and get closer.

On the first day, Thursday 4th of July, we projected films from last year’s BBB Short Film
‘Festival that took place in Tirana, from our partner- short film festival Altcine Action and also the film by Josefina Markarian “Partners”. Dimitris Dimitriadis with his group improvised in a theatrical performance taking inspiration from a photo that was given to him by BBB. It was a performance that left everyone touched and thoughtful.

On the second day, Friday 5th of July, Dimitris Dimitriadis had an outstanding performance called “Next Stop”, a trip in
life that meets love, loneliness, friendship and other “stops” of life. During the whole night, Dj Spery brought the Balkans in Athens with her music turning the garden of XAOYZ in a big Balkanik yard where everyone enjoys, laughs and dance.

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