Serbian Documentary Film


The screening of some of the best Serbian documentary films will take place in eight towns in Serbia on Thursday, 24th January, under the auspices of the Domestic Film Days event, organized by the Serbian Film Centre and DOK Serbia.

In cooperation with DOK Serbia, the Serbian Film Centre continues with the realization of the Domestic Film Days project, with the aim of promoting domestic documentary films that did not have widespread cinema distribution but deserve to be seen.

The program includes free film screenings followed by a conversation with film authors. The following films will be showcased in eight Serbian cities – “Enkel”, directed by Aleksandar Reljić, to be shown in Niš, “Dugo Putovanje u Rat” by Miloš Škundrić, Vranje, ” Najvažniji Dečko Na Svetu”, directed by Tea Lukač, Novi Sad, “Wongar” by Andrijana Stojković, Novi Pazar, ” Tako Mi Na Istoku” by Katarina Mutić, Čačak, “Dnevnik Jednog Kamiondzije” by Miloš Ljubomirović, also to be shown in Čačak, “Gora” by Stefan Malešević, Vrnjačka Banja, “Pejzaži Rata, Pejzaži Mira” by Aron Sekelj and “Siguran Posao by Igor M. Toholj, both to be screened in Leskovac, and “Okupirani Bioskop”, directed by Senka Domanović, to be showcased in Zrenjanin.

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