Peloponissos International Doc Film Festival

It is a Festival of feature documentaries which emphasizes mainly on European documentary with masterclasses, retrospectives, parallel events, educational screenings, seminars and so on. The main Festival takes place during the last 10 days of January in five cities around Peloponnese, still centred in Kalamata.

The first Festival (named then 1st Documentary Panorama in Kalamata) was held in January 2014 only in this particular city with an attendance of approximately 5500 viewers. 

The second Festival (named 1st International Peloponnese Documentary Festival 2015) was held in five cities (Kalamata, Tripolis, Sparta, Megalopolis, Amaliada) and was attended by 8200 people. The third Festival (2nd International Peloponnese Documentary Festival) was held in four cities (Kalamata, Argos, SkalaLakonias, Amaliada) and was attended by 9000 people. The 2017 Festival was held in Kalamata, Amaliada, Argos, Guthion, Sparta and was attended by 9.200 people. The award of 1000 euros for best foreign documentary went to the documentary Ketermaya by Lucas Lejderzak.

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