Ode to ‘Hellenic Logos’


The following poem was recited at the 4thPanepiroticconference of the Panhellenic Association of Language School Owners (PALSO) in Syvota,Thesprotia, Greece on 15 June 2013;the theme of the conference was “Greek: the mother of languages in sciences and arts”. The originality of the poem lies in the fact that its creator,Dr. Periklis Tagkas, Professor of T.E.I. of Epirus(who co-ordinated the panel discussion)uses exclusively English words of Greek origin. The poem is also available as a videopoem at: https://www.youtube.com/user/PoETAvideos4U



The whole organization,

as ever, is fantastic.

The scenery of Syvota,

colossally ecstatic!

Emphatically we’ve analyzed

the diachronic logos

and our nous is paralyzed

with the Hellenic pathos

that generated from all

the morphemes, a historic

basis! We’re not fanatical,

but we can call erotic

the tropical and topical

euphoria of its phrases,

austerely theological,

gigantic! All its phases

with elasticity poetic,

a cosmos having logic,

a dynamo! Antithetic,

with democratic synthesis,

politically pathetic

synchronically, though!

Yet, Olympic, and platonically

kinetic! The “o”

that “omicron” our Thesprotic

patriots called, technically, or

in an ontologically chaotic

sphere, echoes even more

in “microeconomics”

and in the plethora of all

the “microelectronics”!

So, ethically, the Muse, on call

and in her own tactic,

didactically donated us

in an aristocratic

strophe, the Logos of Hellas!

Let’s offer her then, all of us,

our eulogies in chorus!


Dr. Periklis Tagkas, www.facebook.com/drpoeta.gr